The QR Code of Singular Studio


Following we introduce you the QR Code of Singular Studio.

QR Codes (Quick Response) are codes that can store information in a kind of barcode of last generation. With the help of a code reader, for example a mobile phone, we can retrieve this information just by pointing to the code. The applications are multiple and depend on the information entered. For example, with the QR code that we have done and you can see above you can go directly to the website of Singular Studio without having to type our URL. We can also generate QR codes that yield other information, such as text, as we do with the identification label on the books in the library of our office, or finally, in Singular Studio also we use QR codes to convey information of our staff, such us name, phone, e-mail, charge, etc. in vCard format, so it is transferred directly to the agenda of your smartphone. QR code readers for your smartphone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) are completely free and you can download a wide range of them from your favorite application manager.

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