In this post we present the Villa Infinitas. It is the last house patio designed by Singular Studio. Once again, our friends of Escape Dreams Homes have been commissioned to look for a name to this house that they comercialize, having been awarded the Villa Infinitas because of the versatility of the interior space.

As you can see in the picture, the house consists of two volumes attached, where the smaller, built in corten steel, housing a small guest apartment. The second volume contains the rest of the housing program, with three bedrooms that look out to a private courtyard and abroad, two bathrooms and a toilet, and an open space with kitchen - dining - lounge. On the first floor lies the office.

The house is oriented southeast, and has all the advanced facilities in both HVAC, home automation, lighting. The house has 250 sqm where have been adopted principles of bioclimatic building design and Feng Shui. The construction will be done by our friends of Villas de Lujo, without doubt, an absolute guarantee of building success. Here I leave you with another image.Hope you like it!


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