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Cervantes street refubishment

Cervantes street in Jávea is a street located between Juan Carlos I and Alicante avenues. The performance of this project takes place in the pedestrian section that runs along its north side, specifically on the elevated section and the adjacent section at the lower level, both separated by a masonry wall in which are located two stairs that allow the pedestrian connection of these sections.
The problem is that through the section located in the lower level, which lacks pavements since in theory its use is strictly vehicular, there is the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, while in the elevated section there is a circulation of vehicles, when on the contrary its use should be strictly pedestrian. In addition, the car parking of the owners of the houses around this section is frequent, and therefore, implicitly, the clogging and narrowing of the road.
Through this urban intervention, we intend to separate and order these two types of circulation by means of a correct design of routes, and a new location of the staircase, which currently directs pedestrians to the wrong place.
In addition, the deficiencies of those existing elements that are not in good condition, such as the existing railing on the masonry wall that does not comply with the current regulations regarding accessibility in the urban environment, will be corrected.
On the other hand, and at a technical level, there are also problems of geotechnical nature due to leaks producing soil washing due to broken sewage networks, and therefore, are causing scaffolds in the road. In this sense, it will be replaced the entire package of the road as well as sewage, rainwater, potable water and public lighting, also incorporating new networks of piped gas and fiber optics.

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