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JL House

Located in the city of Dénia, the JL house breaks down a massive volume into simpler pieces adapted to the client's needs, location, orientation and views of the sea and the Montgó natural park. It is a three-storey house that is arranged in a staggered but compact way, the lower floor is intended for a parking lot and secondary rooms such as a gym and storage rooms, since this floor is half buried by the topography of the plot. The two upper floors are the ones that stand out the most in the volume and distribute the main rooms, they are joined by a double height that visually and lightly connects both levels. It is intended to highlight the slabs by taking the edges of the slabs a few centimeters with respect to the facade line and changing their material, thus highlighting the horizontality of these elements. The interiors stand out for their white walls and open spaces. Regarding materiality, the use of white lime-based mortar is combined with exposed concrete with wood texture, by means of the arrangement of vertical slats, to create a contrast game between the facing and the slab edges.

Tags: Architect Dénia

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