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Ramblars Animal Shelter

In the Partida Ramblars of Jávea, you will find this animal refuge. Designed to provide animals with a shelter prior to their adoption, an attempt has been made to create this enclosure with the necessary premises so that they feel in a safe place and with enough space so that they can run, play and interact with each other. It is a building made up of rectangular and simple volumes that generate the management and veterinary modules, linked by a covered porch that serves as the entrance to the premises. In turn, there are two modules where the animal cages are located, one of them for animals that require more care, located next to the veterinary area. Each of the cages has an individual porch that gives access to a patio shared with the other animals. This same scheme is repeated in several modules, to control the animals and to segment the group of cages. All patios have access to the recreation area, a large space for animals to run, play, train and interact with other animals. In this recreation area there are pergolas to shade and protect animals from the rays of the sun. The chosen materials are characterized by simplicity, using facing concrete block walls, fences and aluminium sheet metal, the latter of a bright colour to bring joy to the whole.

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