Architects Inca

The architect José Moragues founded Singular Studio in 2009, a studio of architects, interior design and landscape architecture made up of a group of exceptional professionals enthusiastic about their profession, involved with the environment and with the duty to create intense and timeless spaces that excite people without the imperative of obeying fashions and where imagination and maturity in the processes give way to technical rigor to solve assignments with precision.

Architects Inca

Architecture studio Inca

We offer services of architecture, interior design, landscaping, urban planning and project management, carrying out these works from the field of multi-specialty, and where the result is the culmination of the procedure.

Our work symbolizes a set of experiences with a remarkable human point of view, whose purpose is to enlighten, assist, innovate and grow together with those who inhabit them, our customers.

Architects to carry out projects in Inca

Multidisciplinary team to carry out architectural projects in Inca, managing constructions and reforms with harmony. We provide to the constructions we manage in Inca all our knowledge with which to achieve the best results.

Architecture studio Inca

Architecture Studio for projects in Inca and surroundings

Our company has been awarded in international competitions where we highlight the Cemex Building Award of 2017 with the award for the best international housing (residential category). It has also been advertised in magazines and media such as Class & Villas, SB, Casa Viva, Cemento-Hormigón, and even examined as a case study at the CIAB (International Congress of White Architecture) or at the Think Tank research institute "The new architectural sustainability: towards the new paradigm".


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