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Under the conviction that architecture is the most public of the arts and therefore, is the one that interacts the most with society, in 2009 José Moragues founded Singular Studio, an office of architecture, interior design and landscaping that, more than by possibility, arose because of the responsibility to create intense and timeless spaces that excite people without the need to follow fashions, and where imagination and discipline at work give way to technical rigor to solve the tasks accurately.

Singular Studio develops urbanism, residential, endowments or tertiary projects of public or private initiative. We understand the result because of the process, so to avoid interferences with it, we carry on the services of architecture, interior design, landscaping, urbanism and project management, understanding these works from a multidisciplinary environment.

From the illusion and sincerity, and convinced that in architecture as in life, as much as we give we will receive, we offer the possibility to our clients, whatever their budget is, to carry out their projects under the premises of innovation, beauty, safety, order, economy, integration and harmony.

With the responsibility that confers your trust, we establish an interaction process with our clients, that as a continuity to the construction process, transcends in time as a commitment to the customer, the environment and the work itself.

For us, there is no greater motivation than seeing people enjoying the spaces we have created, would you like to enjoy them?



Principal Architect. Chief Executive Officer.

After working in several international architecture offices, he decided to found Singular Studio with the clear goal of offering its clients alternatives of excellence in architecture, interior design and landscaping. Vocational architect, he directs the studio with the same illusion as a child with new shoes, facing each project as if it was the first one.

Qualified Architect by the International University of Catalonia, he is also Master in Collective Housing, Master in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture, Master in Landscaping and holds the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DCTA) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.




With a discrete and prudent character, she has a special vision of architecture thanks to her education in different disciplines, like the fine arts or the music. After her passage through diverse North American studies of architecture, she joined to Singular Studio as the person responsible of technicall area. Furthermore, Sara is Master in Landscaping.

Thanks to the thoroughness of her work, Sara guarantees the fulfillment of the costs and deadlines in the execution of our projects.




After several years developing his activity in spanish architectural studies, her professional career acquires international character when working in several studies of Nordic countries, highlighting his stay in Latvia. In continuous learning, she is Master in Landscaping and Master in Interior Design and she's passionate about knowing new ways of watchig and understanding architecture, Ana coordinates the the office transforming customer needs into environments of high aesthetic and functional value.

Meticulous and thoughtful, he loves meeting people from different countries and cultures. In Jávea, next to the Mediterranean, she enjoys his other great passion, skating.




With a prolific professional career overseas, she returned to her country to put into practice all her architectural experience, especially in the field of sustainable and healthy architecture, where she continues to train insatiably to offer healthy spaces for people and for the natural environment in which they are embedded. Noelia is a very responsible, efficient and organized person, always meeting the goals that she sets for herself.

She is curious, cheerful and daring, and she loves to travel to hear live music. She has been practicing yoga for years, and currently she has discovered the world of water sports such as surfing and paddle surfing.




Antonio is an architect who understands this profession as a discipline that is in continuous communication with the natural environment in which it is framed, without the option of isolation, always linked to the climate, the place and the vegetation. After studying architecture at the University of Alicante and the Università degli Studi di Firenze, he began his professional career in the area of landscaping and urban planning in different national studies, having participated in reference works. Perfectionist, organized, self-taught and versatile, he has also studied video and architectural photography.

He is a fan of running, movie buff, series buff and a board game enthusiast. He takes advantage whenever he can to travel the world.




After working in different fields such as 3D animation, entrepreneurship or logistics, she decided to live in Jávea and enjoy everything that this wonderful land has to offer. Nines is in charge of the administration tasks in the office, as well as protocol and secretariat.

With a restless mind, she is always in constant learning. She loves art, reading, sports, practicing yoga and meditation, enjoying nature, and doing crafts.


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