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Athenea House

Athenea House is located in an exceptional situation: behind it a large wooded mass of Mediterranean pines and in front of it unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea and the incredible landscape of the Jávea coast.   
Elegant, like our clients, this house is resolved with two materials: a mortar in white that enhances its luminosity, and a stained walnut wood effect finish that gives contrast and warmth to the house.   
The house, which turns to the outside, consists of a large terrace that seems to float on the sea where family and friends can enjoy an infinity pool where the pool and sea water merge in the same plane. 
Its spacious and open interiors maintain a housing scheme in which the most social areas of the house are connected to the terrace and the pool, while the night and rest areas are on different floors.
The main bedroom, located on the top floor, enjoys a privileged position with sea views and spacious spaces distributed in a dressing room, bathroom and rest areas.   
All the rooms of the house enjoy views to the outside and natural ventilation thanks to the large glass panels with which we have solved the facade and with which we have managed to lighten the vision of the entire house.

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