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Building Marina Bay II

We are at a gradual point away from the village and approaching the sea. A bridge between the old, the new and the old, right there, in one of the geographical points that try to sew Jávea, in this more urban bit. A concept of housing is proposed as a grouping of spaces that generate different needs, in a division between those who serve and others who need. In this duality what we call main spaces are generated. Those that need their orientation and the group of these needs to be connected. From a controversial character and endless variations in its facade, a series of functional chains related to the size of the house, called terraces or main spaces, tie, alter and join the building. The program requires an effort to focus all thought on a concentric line where a single block serves three homes. Therefore,  the succession of these, creates a chain of services that will articulate the homes in two blocks, separate but united. The terraces are perforated with viewing spaces whose depth is determined by the spatial quality and internal use to which they are linked. These structural rings will generate the life of the building and will endow it with a movement that coheres with the actions of inhabiting. Wood, Stone, Lime, white, red, cream, materials and colors dress the houses of these beautiful villages of the Costa Blanca. We also choose to dress these homes like this.


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