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Byford House

The house is an integral refurbishment of the Byford family's former home in Zuma Beach, California. The only instruction we received from our client was very simple... "we want to have a reinterpretation of Mediterranean housing in the US", which was not easy at all due to the restrictions that the California Coastal Commission demanded. The peculiarity of this house is that it is divided into two main volumes, generating interesting routes and spaces that communicate with each other. By way of porticos, each of the volumes creates covered or uncovered spaces, depending on the functional correspondence that is required in the interior, something peculiar to highlight in this house is the core of the staircase, it is an open staircase that grows on it a glass cube that stands out above the volume, this makes the light penetrate into every corner and can illuminate rooms that do not have a facade, in addition to creating an interesting set of heights. Despite the linearity of the volumes of the house where straight shapes predominate, the exteriors break with this idea and create curved shapes to give movement to the urbanization of the plot, an example of this is the pool that following organic lines , and the terraces or the planters that surround the house creating different levels of vegetation with sinuous shapes. The interiors of the house are characterized by spaciousness and open spaces, using white colours and wood panelling, which provide warmth. Among the materials used, white lime-based mortar in the volumes and porches, wooden slats used in the paving of walkways and terraces, and the glass present in the protruding volume and the windows stand out as the main.

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