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Can Caubó

Can Caubó, a detached house that offers a sober and elegant image, designed under a uniform color palette and two main materials: exposed concrete and wood.
With a privileged location, on a cliff in Portocolom, Majorca, this house opens onto the Mediterranean through simple geometric volumes that generate a modern and environmentally friendly architectural composition.
On a landscape composed of Mediterranean vegetation, the house does not exceed in height the global mass of pine trees that surround it, thus, we achieve that the force of the concrete is clearly integrated and does not clash on the horizon of the landscape. Two materials are the protagonists in this project and the large interior patio is the singular element on which all the rooms in the house are structured and arranged. The patio becomes a focus of lighting and vegetation that enriches the interior with light and life.
The main access to the house is through an opaque, concrete facade. It is an imposing emptied volume that generates a sensation of singular weightlessness which, in turn, is harmonized by the use of wooden slats. This large volume is in front of the access roads and provides intimacy and privacy to the rest of the house. On the contrary, the opposite façade is exposed to the landscape, opens up to the privileged views and allows our client, from any room, to have sea views and feel protected from nearby buildings. The house is distributed on two floors, thus becoming the access floor in the day area with different rooms that revolve around the interior patio: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, winter room, games area, toilets and garage. On the upper floor are the night areas, where all the bedrooms with their respective bathrooms have been located, providing this space with the tranquility necessary for a good rest.

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