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The aim of this project is to be integrated into the surrounding landscape through the use of three materials: concrete, wood and dry stone. The third of them provides the house a fit with the surroundings, as its walls converge with the traditional stone margins of this area.
The unevenness of the plot has been a challenge overcome by a three-storey volume, each with a very specific function. The basement floor is intended for garage and other storage and sports uses. The ground floor is the most important space in the programme. It has been designed as a symbiosis of indoor and outdoor space, a combination made possible by the year-round good weather in this area of the Mediterranean. The entire floor is joined to the outside in a large terrace to optimise its use in any season. Meanwhile, the upper floor is designed for privacy and more secluded uses.
The use of cantilevers between the ground and first floors maximises the use of shade in the warmer months and the entry of sunlight in the cooler months.
Thanks to the optimisation of the spaces, more light is achieved in the gymnasium through the swimming pool, in the basement, creating a very relevant image.

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