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Situated on a slight incline this house has been designed to combine functionality and beauty whilst at the same time respecting the environment. The house is integrated into the landscape thanks to the use of cantilevers which enable it to feel cool in summer and warm in winter. The combination of a northwesterly aspect and the use of cantilevers make it possible to enjoy the right amount of sun throughout the year.
The verticality of the land contrasted with the horizontality of the structure pays homage to Frank Lloyd-Wright's Cascade House. This is enhanced by the inclusion of two large edge trays.
Three particular materials have been used in the construction of Casa Lloyd. Firstly lime mortar, which brings us close to traditional building methods typical of this area of the Mediterranean. Singular Studio Architects recommend the use of Limestone not only for its purifying and warming properties but also its malleability. 
Secondly, wood plays an important part in the construction, especially in the garage area which is accessed from the upper floor of the house. The final material is stone which is used to link the past with the present. We have recycled the stone excavated from the land to use for external walling which further integrates the house in its natural surroundings.
The location of Casa Lloyd has presented a challenge but rather than turn our back on the environment, we have learnt to become part of it.

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