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Casa Segat

Casa Segat is located on an impressive cliff of the Costa Blanca. This house is conceived as a balcony, from inside and outside, to the Mediterranean sea and sun. A search through architecture is made, to take advantage of the mild climate that this area enjoys throughout the year. This allows customers to live inside and outside whenever they wish.
The house opens onto the east on two floors, prioritizing, in public uses, the contemplative factor. The use of sliding glass doors in all rooms instead of windows, seeks to provide a very important role to sunlight. Outside, the pool accentuates the feeling of symbiosis with the horizon. A terrace area designed for relaxation and rest is completed by a jacuzzi.
The project has maintained the presence of vegetation as a key element throughout the plot, both in the garden surrounding the construction, and in the plants present in the two terraces. The same vegetation will act when it reaches its fullness as an element of isolation, also for the crossed views, being an area of high density. 

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