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Casa Silene


Between Mediterranean forests and sandy beaches, Casa Silene lies on the southern face of the mountain. The solution of burying the ground floor, applying technical and climate strategies, results in a house that offers a space of transition to the spectacular landscape.
The ground floor consists of a day area, with the most social rooms of the house, and on each side, two night areas. It also has two backyards, associated one to the kitchen-dining room, and another to the rooms.Thus, having an absolute concern for aesthetic issues and about the plastic effects, Casa Silene’s design will derive from an action that responds to a need to achieve solutions of singular wealth.
The performance of this modern and popular architecture extends beyond the strict limits of the domestic space. Part of the knowledge of the vital activity does not end behind closed doors. It takes into account its external projection, incorporating elements that seek to modulate and to make immediate environment habitable... a large terrace on the ground floor, a covered wooden pergola with cane, a solarium area and a porch that serves as a dining room on summer days.

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