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Corteen House

The Corteen house is a bet with materiality as the protagonist of the project. The idea arose on the first visit to the plot, when it was decided to go for the corten steel and the local stone as a strategy to integrate the house into the exceptional environment where it is framed ... the Montgó massif. The uniqueness of this house is based on the composition of the volumes that protrude and fly over the terrace, creating shady areas. These cubes originate from the first floor, which corresponds to the bedrooms, differentiated from each other volumetrically and providing privacy between the different rooms. The materiality on the outside also plays a fundamental role, using a combination of materials and textures, in which the corten steel and the stone cladding from the excavation itself stand out, in contrast to the interior, where we find white and diaphanous spaces, highlighting unique elements. An interior patio is generated in the back due to the reason that the house is somehow excavated on the mountain, thus using the same stone as the facades, the interior of the ground floor is naturalized. The terrace extends over the entire ground floor, where a large swimming pool is located, facing south and enjoying beautiful views. The integration of the house with the environment is achieved with the materiality, the stone used and the corten steel simulate the brown and orange tones of the rocky massif of the Montgó, which remains as a visual backdrop.

Tags: Architect in Jávea

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