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El Cau

A few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, there is a battle between the mountain and the sea. Balancing these forces, and near the Granadella cove, El Cau rests on the ground.

The house responds to the study of the preliminary analyses, those that examine the place, the topography, the communication routes, the sun, the mountains, their inclination and where to look.

The tour starts at the top, at the summit of the Cau. A roof-porch warns of the perception of the landscape to create open volumes that are reintegrated into it. At the entrance, the resident is picked up by a circular staircase to go down to the living room. This is the place where everything happens, the house unfolds to look at the sea, to open up to infinity. On the right, we find a large dining room, where you can welcome everyone at a single table, where the gaze crosses the pool to reach the sea.

The staircase that hugs the elevator continues to the ground floor. There, we can find  the private rooms separated from the guest area and a little further down the main room. It is the most private floor of the house. This one revolves around a glazed courtyard on its north face and with large pools around, which are populated by aquatic plants, cooling  in summer ,and warming in winter thanks to evaporative water cooling techniques.

Using the minimum surface of the plot and generated with the least amount of material, a dialogue between house and nature is established with open volumes that fly when integrated into the landscape. A project that relies on the attentive watchful eye towards the sea with large windows, a complete program and the capacity of concrete as a naturalized stone material. Architecture and nature make up an indissoluble set in permanent relationship and constant change with the environment where it is located.

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