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Hoksbergen House

The house Hoksbergen is located in the foothills of the natural park of the Montgó, in a plot of difficult geometry and with a steep topography.
When our client told us that he wanted a vacation home where he could disconnect from his work, we knew that we should power the Mediterranean condition of the site, by developing concepts such as tranquility, lightness, simplicity and hospitality.
In this way, we built a house without great pretensions, but wherever people wanted to return as soon as possible. Thus, we develop a house on a single floor, which forms a single compact volume that optimizes the orientation and views of the place, while adapting to the conditions of the plot.
In the interior, we used neutral colors yet quality features, thinking that the family itself would be the color of the home with their own furniture. The exterior is white to maximize the feeling of peace and tranquility, a simple “game of shadows” creates contrast by making different planes on the home’s façade.
The pool is strategically placed to obtain the maximum amount of sun light possible and frames an area where we decided to use stone taken from the plot itself so that the home would be integrated as much as possible in its natural surroundings.
The use of light colors, the positioning of awnings to create shade on the windows, the use of bioclimatic techniques and isolating materials allows this home to be ecofriendly with minimum energy consumption to heat or cool.

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