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Jatziri House

The Jatziri house is an Niemeyer-inspired organicist essay to build a single-family home for a Mexican couple settled in Jávea. The curved and organic shapes of the floors are the most unique aspect of this house, which creates spaces full of movement. This movement is transferred not only to the house, but also to the urbanization elements such as the swimming pool, terraces or window boxes, thus causing each architectural element to be a participant in the whole of the house and its organic forms. Nature takes a special role in this house, since it is included in every corner, even on the slabs that drop the vegetation. It is also appreciated how the rockeries, necessary for the adaptation of the house to the environment, are part of the design, raising the platforms and accentuating the incorporation of nature. The interiors open their spaces through large windows allowing vegetation to enter the rooms and generating well-lit visuals. The slab trays made with exposed white concrete and with the help of the cantilevers, stand out and seem to "float" while creating in their lower spaces the glazed rooms with minimalist carpentry that make up the house. The materials show the sincerity of their purity, found in exposed concrete, wood and glass, an aspect that is sought in the home, in accordance with the nature that surrounds it.

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