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BY House

A house in a plot with views to the sea, a singular volume that contains a program adapted to customer’s wishes and some textures product of the material that becomes the main protagonist of this project: the concrete.
This is how BY House was born.
The house is inserted into the land slope, as a result of this there are two floors above ground, where the main part of the program is developed, and a semi-buried floor with the extra house program and the garage.
The structural house skeleton is reflected in each of its sculptural facades, which are characterized by the combination of two textures and different shades of concrete, white and gray; one with wood texture, the other absolutely flat, as a result of the two different types of formwork used.
The north façade is opened towards to the privileged views to the sea and the city, while the southern one selects their openings in order to respect the rooms’ privacy. Here, a private patio bordered by two high walls is the greatest focus of light and natural ventilation.
This south patio is partially covered by an aluminum pergola that protects the façade of the direct solar radiation and, furthermore, is conceived as an aesthetic element that contributes to bring a set of lights and shadows inside the house.
To optimize the view on the landscape in the most favorable areas of the house, it is used minimal carpentry, so nothing more than glass is viewed embedded on the walls. Thus, we get to remove any existing barrier between the interior and exterior space obtaining a direct contact with the Mediterranean environment that characterizes the place where the house is inserted.
The variety of textures continues inside Maison By through the choice of exclusive finishing materials such as natural stone, wood, or concrete.
The indirect lighting proposed in most of the house spaces provide exactly the amount of light needed by human eyes.
The access through the ground floor is located near to the communications core, which separates the day and night areas inside the same floor.
On the upper floor is located the main suite with an outside private terrace, this room has strategically been conceived as a lookout to the landscape.Regarding the day zone, it’s characterized by the absence of walls to avoid any obstacle in order to promote the owners interaction inside a unique space. This is why this area is diaphanous. 

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