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Mancini House

Casa Mancini is a very special house that is fragmented by exposed concrete walls, transverse to its longitudinal axis, and which give character and strength to this building that is so far from the ordinary.

The roundness of this architecture, executed in exposed concrete is softened by the integration of vegetation that falls on its facade and sweetens and gives life to it.

Our client was looking for a unique home that differs from the others that we can see on the Mediterranean coast and with minimal maintenance that extends the life of their home. The exposed concrete walls not only work as a structural element, but also enrich its facade with a texture based on wooden strips, combining in the same project and with the same material, technique and aesthetics.

Its interior, in a contemporary style and with large open spaces that allow the visual connection between them, has been worked to solve all the needs of our client with a distribution on two floors of great aesthetic and functional value.

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