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Masset Blanc

Between the island of Portixol and Cap Negre, a few meters southwest of the Barraca beach, the Masset Blanc lies on the ground; where the topography suddenly and inexplicably shakes to calm down again.Masset Blanc, between the coast and the sea, has been designed with the intention of overcoming the idea that the house, as a formal, expressive and symbolic piece, is able to define an organic, pragmatic and functional identity. It is a morphological exercise in the context of an artisan architecture, whose indispensable premise is to act on the offered land, creating the least possible trace and impact.The organization of the spaces is defined by a program that consists of a more private area, reserved for the rooms. A public and enjoyment area is organized by the living room, the kitchen, between the porch, the barbacue and the pool.How to make a natural house? Masset Blanc was designed under bioclimatic criteria based on orientations, views and topography. Thus, the structure is organized in a simple way, without hindering the layout or the panoramic expansion of the views. A glazed day area rises and faces the sea, it’s sheltered on a large overhang that protects and invites you to sit in the shade in summer. The area at night, at the foot of the plateau and protected by the rock, faces the mountain, reserving the warmest place.


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