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Moorea House

Moorea House, a house designed for the enjoyment and rest of our clients as the main objective.             
From pure geometry, this project is born from a composition of volumes that move rhythmically and that manage to generate different covered outdoor areas, in this way the large outdoor terrace achieves a balance between the covered spaces, in shade, and the sunny spaces.           
The terrace is a fundamental part of this project, where our clients spend most of their time and want to be able to enjoy themselves in different situations. The outdoor areas have a large swimming pool, a seating area at different levels, an outdoor dining area, sunbathing areas, and different corners of landscaped space.           
The landscaped areas have been designed with special care to create environments full of life using native species that blend in with the environment and that need low water resources and therefore less maintenance and less consumption.           
Inside, this house consists of various spaces, equally intended for the well-being of the family, with a sauna, Turkish bath, indoor pool and even a gym; spaces that in turn continue to maintain a visual connection with the outside, with interesting landscaped patios.

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