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PCH House

The PCH house owes its name to its location, since it is located next to the Pacific Coast Highway in California, with stunning views towards Malibu Pier, with the Pacific Ocean in the background. The large size of the house, with five floors arranged in steps to ensures views to the sea from anywhere in the plot, is hidden among the vegetation of the place. The house, which has been built alternating the typical American system of the "platform frame" with rolled steel profiles, is developed always directing the geometry towards the views and opening onto large terraces. It is a house for outdoor enjoyment, given the magnificent climate offered by the state of California, so each terrace has its utility, with unique elements appearing, such as the jacuzzi in one of the terraces. The volumes are closed to the rear, where the access is, and focus the visuals through large windows towards the front. The light is very present in this house, not only because of the considerable glass windows but also because of skylights that are used to bring more lighting and richness to the interiors. Walkways and stairs predominate in the routes, descending from terrace to terrace until reaching the large swimming pool located in the lowest area. It is surrounded by typical vegetation of the place, using palm trees as the predominant species in the surroundings of the plot.

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