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Tàpies Building

This residential building is located in a residential environment, very well connected in the heart of the city of Jávea. The building has fourteen apartments arranged on three floors following a linear volume. The idea is based on breaking the rotundity of the volume, generating in it "fissures" whose aesthetic function is to reduce the scale of the building, while giving access to the building. In this way, the building acquires a size more in line with the surrounding environment. The volume breaks with the straight lines, appreciating both the "fissures" and the envelope, providing dynamism and movement to the building. You can also read this dynamism in the arrangement of the gaps, offset from each other creating a feeling of randomness. A contrast is created in the materials used, with the white color prevailing as the base tone of the volume, which is contrasted with the wooden cladding that appears in the "fissures" and window fences. Homes of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms are distributed, all of them have large balconies, in addition, those located on the ground floor extend their surface generating terraces for the enjoyment of residents making the most of the exterior space. The basement is intended for parking use, there is a place for each of the apartments. The building has landscaped spaces, a swimming pool and recreational areas for community use located to the south of the plot to make the most of the sunlight.

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