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Casa Acán

This project aims to make the house we build a direct conversation with the environment in which it is located. On one side, the access to the house, the rear. On the other part of the house, the horizon of the sea and the cliff. All the architecture of Casa Acán is articulated over this second scenario.
The distribution of the plot follows the ancient concept of terracing which evolved centuries ago as a means of cultivating the land and bringing water to the crops which used to include: vines, carobs and olives among many others. For this reason, the planting that surrounds the house will replicate the vegetation of those times.
The house is set on an impressive cliff and enjoys panoramic views of the landscape with the living space designed to take advantage of these views. The house is bathed in sunlight thanks both to its location and the use of sliding doors instead of windows. This feature means that you can enjoy life both in and outside Casa Arcan all year round.
Outside, the terraces to the lower ground and ground floors open onto the sea with views of the Mediterranean extending to the horizon from the infinity pool and the jacuzzi which face east.
Casa Arcan has been designed to live in harmony with the Mediterranean during all four seasons of the year with sunlight and the sea ever present.

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