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This house in Jávea is located in a natural environment surrounded by native vegetation and pine trees that due to their height give it a great privacy.                     
The project is born from a concept of pure volumes and the use of 3 materials as an exterior finish that give uniformity and meaning to the whole complex. As if it were a blank canvas, the base material used in the facade is a mortar in white, on which the vertical stripes that give rhythm to the volume stand out and will be framed in black. The singular element, next to the entrance and which functions as a vertical communication core, stands out for the use of another material that gives color and texture to the entire envelope, it is a natural stone finish in gray tones with small golden sparkles.               
The most exposed façade has narrow vertical proportion gaps that allow ventilation and the entrance of light, as well as the privacy necessary to satisfy the needs of the client, on the contrary, the most private façade of the house and which opens, embracing the pool area enjoys large windows that allow our clients to have a wide visual connection to the outside of their plot and the leisure spaces designed for it.               
The perfect balance between discretion and connection with the exterior that our clients so longed for is resolved in a house with a great functional and aesthetic sense both inside and in the design of the landscaped spaces on the plot.

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