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Stena House

The Stena House is located on a plot with a steep slope, overlooking the sea and the city of Jávea. The volume of the house is conceived on a staggered arrangement to adapt to the topography of the land, generating different levels. The side walls, which stand out for standing out from the volume of the house, are arranged by framing and differentiating the day and night zones. These walls protect from the side views of the adjoining houses, while the house opens to the front views with windows in its main rooms. In the day area, there is a singular patio that provides lighting and ventilation to the kitchen, providing visual richness to this open space. The simplicity of the forms is appreciated in the whole of the house using neutral materials, white prevailing, giving prominence and highlighting the volumes. Next to the day area and the master bedroom, the space opens onto the terrace where the pool is located, area that enjoys the best views of the plot. The accessible terraces appear at different levels, zoning the exterior areas and providing vegetation through planters that give to these paved areas a rich landscape by planting native species. The external route that surrounds the house allows access to the surroundings of the plot to enjoy the vegetation that surrounds it, creating a direct connection between the pedestrian access and the main outdoor area. The dry stone used in the urbanization walls makes these routes integrate into the landscape, leaving them in the background and visually highlighting the volume of the house.

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