Singular Studio and Kurdistan regional new hospital


Singular Studio has been invited by Zozik Group for the application to a restricted competition for the construction of the new Kurdistan Regional Hospital in Erbil.

This is a 400-bed teaching hospital that presents a double challenge. From the point of view of the project is to gather all the bioclimatic conditions necessary to reduce their energy consumption to the minimum rates, so for exemple, the emergency power supply must be ensured even with renewable sources throughout the year , an issue that is a challenge because of the area where is placed the project, which is well known for having a temperature range of about 65 degrees between winter and summer. On the other hand, from the standpoint of construction, the project must be completed in 20 months, with a foreword maximum period extended to 25 months. In this sense, we are assessing the performance of the building with techniques of pre-industrialization, to cut costs in terms of implementation as well as tools and machines hire, an issue not fully available in Iraq. The application for the construction of this hospital is the result of negotiations launched in October following the journey of exploration carried out by José Moragues to Iraq and the Kurdistan, and will be developed jointly by Singular Studio and the prestigious firm of architects IAAA Architects.

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