A few days ago Jose Moragues Puga, architect and CEO of Singular Studio Architects, has participated in the networking on technology and architecture organised by Porcelanosa in the city of Alicante. A round table discussion with leading architectural firms in the province, about how technology is transforming the architectural design process, from 3D visualisation to artificial intelligence with the aim of optimising urban design and planning.


Jose Moragues Singular Studio Architects Porcelanosa

In this regard, our CEO said in his speeches, that technology is constantly advancing, and we need to get adapted, as it has always been done throughout human history. But artificial intelligence is the first real disruption. Because we are creating a machine that can think for us, and until now, we have been giving the instructions. Therefore, what we can do is to incorporate this new technology into architecture.

Our thanks to Porcelanosa for the invitation. It was a pleasure to participate in such an interesting event. Congratulations for the organisation.


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