Construction diary of the Public Library and Socio-Cultural Centre in Javea (III)


In this post we are going to describe the building works that have been developed during the third month of construction, april 2011. In the next picture, taken on april the 7 th., you can see how all the walls of the sanitary slab have been finished, so are ready to receive the joists. You also can see the hollows left on the sanitary walls to ensure air cross ventilation through the sanitary chamber. Furthermore, you can see that all the retaining walls of the building have been finished.


In this picture you can see a detail of how works the drainage in the perimeter of the building, where appart of having waterproofed all retaining walls, it has also placed a protection sheet with a geotextile layer. Around the perimeter of the building has been disposed a perforated drainage pipe, which will collect water from seeping into the ground, and will drain to a tank for use in irrigation. Over the tube is placed gravel and a geotextile layer to prevent infiltration of fine sand aggregates.


In this picture, taken on April 12, you can see how already have placed all the joists of the sanitary slab and are placing the vaults.


This photo is taken from the same point as above, and you can see the result of the slab after pouring the concrete. This space in the building has been designed to used as socio-cultural center. On the left side of the image, you can see how at this point was already filling the backfill of the retaining wall.


In this photograph, taken from inside the building at the northwest corner you can see all the space devoted to socio-cultural center, including outdoor terrace of the building with an area of ??160 m2.


Finally, in this photograph taken on April 30, you can that the works of the metallic structure of the building have already begun, placing the pillars and beams of the first structural phase, which includes the basement and the ground floor, so the pillars are pieces of a little more than 7 meters. You also can view that the earth around the retaining walls have already been filled.


This has been all for the month of April. In May we will see the evolution of the works to build the structure, also with a video that we will prepare. Hope to see you here in May. Do not forget to visit us!

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