CR_House. Construction diary: october 2014


As we advanced a few days ago in our Twitter and Facebook account, today we present a video that summarizes the work done in one of our recent projects for a detached house in Javea, the CR_House. From now until completion of the works, you will find in this blog a monthly post with a video summary of the work done in this house. The purpose is to bring the general public how the construction process of a nontraditional housing, ie a house that involves a technical difficulty higher than usual, so people can lose the fear to develope difficult houses letting fly their imagination... anything is possible if you have the right team at your side, and that is what we are specialize in Singular Studio. As you can see in the video, here is summarized all the work done until the end of October... from topographical survey to know the shape, dimensions, slopes and contours of the land; land movement prior to excavation work on steep terrain, geotechnical study needed to know the quality of soil, the depth of the resistant layer or the conditions of cohesion for terrain, etc. You also can see how the staking out works for the first foundation phase have been carried out, which includes the caissons and footings from the house in addition to retaining walls. Finally, we proceeded to the execution of part of the walls of the perimeter fence of the house, including its foundation and containment. We advance that for the next month of November, you will be able to see how the work of assembling the foundation, concreting of walls, pillars stake boot, etc. have been carried out. We leave you with the video, hope you like it. Until next month!

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