Singular Studio becomes member of ASA, Architecture and Sustainability Association.


Since January, José Moragues Puga, manager and director of architecture of Singular Studio is a member of ASA, the Architecture and Sustainability Association. ASA is an association promoted by the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain with the vocation of being independent. ASA is a partnership led by architects and planners, which should allow for the integration, under a multidisciplinary lens, all work carried out on sustainability, environment, biodiversity and climate change in the field of architecture and urbanism, for strengthen and accelerate its implementation and dissemination, as well as move into new lines of research and collaboration. The momentum of the association requires facing the transformation of the profession and its social roles and, consequently, the training to suit the current needs and environmental commitments to our territory and our cities and, ultimately, to architecture. ASA is aware of the importance of civil society voice in advanced democratic societies, also aims to make its voice heard on the major issues and debates related to the territory, urbanism, architecture and the overall sustainability of the country. Together to work within the profession, we also aim to exercise our civic responsibility in building a more sustainable future for all.

Among others, are aims of the Association concerning the architecture and urbanism committed to a sustainable environment and, in connection with them: - Build knowledge and tools of implementation. - Disseminate knowledge in education, in vocational settings and in society and its institutions - Participate in the public projects and positions on issues related to sustainable architecture, urbanism and society. To carry out its purposes, the Partnership will develop all activities that promote the culture of sustainability, both for use in the implementation of architecture and urban planning for the dissemination of knowledge that make it possible within the scope of the profession architect and other agents of social, economic, cultural or political involved. Among others, belonging to ASA important architects Santiago Cirugeda, Margarita de Luxán, Carlos Hernández Pezzi, Javier Neila, Carlos Exposito, Carlos Ferrater, Andrés Jaque, Felipe Pich-Aguilera, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Jose Maria Ezquiaga o Jose María Torres Nadal.

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