Some information sources about construction and sustainability in internet


Currently there are many websites where you can find interesting information about building and sustainability. Speak about Internet means to have information that exceeds the local consultation to vast amounts of documents and various materials.

From Singular Studio, we would like to introduce you some web pages that could be of your interest and area worth visiting to get an initial idea about the binomial construction-sustainability: • Sustainable Construction Agenda. Page of extraordinary interest generated by the College of Technical Architects of Barcelona, ??School of Architecture of the Vallès, Geobiological Studies Association (GEA) and the Institute Cerdá. It has different sections among which urban planning, materials, waste, energy ... • Library Cities for a more sustainable future. Promoted from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the School of Architecture of Madrid contains varied information focused on sustainable urban issues. • Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER). The ITER develops research and technological development related to the use and application of renewable energy. • Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification. AENOR promotes eco-label for materials, including construction, called AENOR-Environment. AENOR also researches on life cycle analysis of the material. • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC promotes sustainable forest management, environmentally acceptable, socially beneficial and economically viable. Furthermore, vpractically all companies marketing materials or sustainable building systems have their own business page. In the directory of organic materials appears large number of addresses in the network. Among the journals to track, among others are: • Eco Inhabiting: • Eco Rehabitar: • Solar Era: • Gea: • Renewable energies:

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