The state of the architect's profession


A few weeks ago, the journalist Carlos Carabaña interviewed me for an article about the state of the profession of architects. This article was published just a few days ago on our Facebook page, but you also can read it from this link "Past and Future of Architecture" of the Blog Advance your Career. Well, last night casually flipping channels, I came across the story that emitted in La Primera of TVE, "Comando Actualidad", under the title of "Tengo Futuro" (I have future). You'll find a brief overview of the current situation of the architects, which extends from the minute 30 to 36. From Singular Studio, we're not going to make any comment on that, since this is not the appropriate forum to do so, but because in Singular Studio have been fortunate to work abroad, and I would point out just one thing ... internationalization operations of a company are very costly, in economic and effort terms, and even less guarantee a future abroad. Although the current situation in Spain is not flattering, does not mean that for that very reason, the Spanish authorities are required to solve the problems of this group (and many others), as in the case of unfair competitions, studios false contracts, job insecurity, lack of specialized branches, training, etc.. One thing is clear, the company that has few resources and is going to allocate them exclusively thinking in its internationalization, is going to be in a very difficult situation in the short term. Anyway, enjoy the story.

Comando actualidad - Tengo futuroVer vídeoComando actualidad - Tengo futuro


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