The work continues its process, here we can observe the constructive processes carried out in the recent weeks.
On one hand, the construction of the first floor slab and roof, which are formed by pre-stressed floor slabs, a system that offers a great speed execution since it is a prefabricated dry construction that serves as a lost formwork for the compression layer, besides allowing to save large dimensions without supports.
On the other hand, we can see how the construction of the exterior facade formed by 25 cm thermo-clay blocks begins, which will be covered by rigid expanded polystyrene panels.


O1 pequeño

O2 pequeño_1

Pre-stressed alveolar slab.

O6 pequeño

Metallic slab on the left and pre-stressed alveolar slab on the right.

O4 pequeño_1

Thermo-clay enclosure.

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