Good morning, today, in Singular Studio we want to show you a new video of the Maison By, the detached house located in Jávea.

The video corresponds to the months of September and October, and it shows the different construction processes that have been taking place during these time. One of them is the first floor walls formwork, assembly and concrete pouring. These walls are grey and white, and, as you can see in the video the kind of formwork is different for each case. White concrete walls are obtained by phenolic panels formwork, and grey concrete walls are obtained by wooden clapboards. As you can see, the walls facings resulting are very different.

The video also shows images of the finished pergola, with its lighting detail.

To finish, the end of the video shows the house construction evolution through the picture system called time lapse. This exclusive remote control device of Singular Studio has been installed on the top of the crane. You can obtain more information about it thought link.


You can find more videos of the construction of this house in the accounts of Twitter and Facebook in Singular Studio, and other posts that may interest you.


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