Construction diary of the Public Library and Socio-Cultural Centre in Javea (I)


As many of you know, the works for the construction of the new Public Library and Socio-Cultural Centre in Javea have already begun. In Singular Studio, we set out to create a diary of the construction of this building, so you can follow the process of the construction. We are aware that many of you are not familiar with technical jargon of the architecture, so we promise not to use many technical terms, explain things clearly, using pictures or videos to be more illustrative. We hope you enjoy it. In this post I'll make a summary of the first month of work, February 2011 . The first step was cleaning the site,transplanting 15 specimens of platanus hispanica and proceeding to dig the trench for the foundation of the tower crane.

Situación previa a la construcción

Then began the open excavation to get to the previous work platform, from which start the foundation work, as can be seen in this picture taken on february 17 th. 2011.

Plataforma previa

In the next picture, taken on february 23 rd. 2011, you can see that the tower crane has been installed, the foundation has been marked and even some sections of the urbanization retaining walls footings have been initiated. If you look at the left side of the image, we can see how even concrete cleaning has been poured on the foundations, to prevent contamination of the steel reinforcement of the walls, and thus its oxidation.


The last image that we show in this post, took place almost a week after the previous one, on february 28 th, and is made from the same place. Here you can see the progress made in a week, where they have already poured the concrete of the strip footing across the retaining wall of urbanization. It can also be seen how the reinforcement iron bars have been placed on the retaining walls of the urbanization. In addition, while we continue with the excavation on the north side of the plot, on the south side, continue the works for placing the steel in the foundation trenches which will be the pillars of the building continue.

This has been the summary for the month of February. Do not forget to visit the diary for the month of March!

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