Good morning! Two years ago,the Municipal Public Library and Cultural Center of Aduanas del Mar in Jávea, designed by Singular Studio, was inaugurated. To mark the second anniversary we want to show you a photo report carried out by the photographer David Frutos. which was published on his website a few days ago. As you can see, the building is a resounding volume with different uses in 4 different floors with diaphanous and double height spaces providing a better relation between spaces. The building was conceived as a solid volume floating over the sea, because the sea is an important element for the people who lives in this seaside neighbourhood where is located. Architecturally speaking, this idea is carried out with a metal volume whose surface vibrates like the sea waves movement, and it floats on a glazed floor.

The external staircase is composed by tramex. It contributes to design the west façade where is located, so it is perfectly adapted to its geometry.

The double metal skin applied across the building envelope allows that the solar radiation could be controlled in the studio areas. This metal skin has a wavy section creating some lights and shadows depending on how this radiation affect it. In this way the façade change its appearance depending on the different moments in a day.

The building has a lot of glazed spaces in order to obtain a brightly spaces. The main colors that predominates on walls, floor and even furniture are clear, it helps to bring light to the spaces.

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